Esoteric Acupuncture + Sound Bath


Esoteric Acupuncture + Sound Bath  |  SAT FEB 15TH  |  7:00 - 8:30PM

Hosted by Lisa Chau and Joseph Sapian 



Join us for an evening of deep restoration and inner exploration. Combining a series of restorative poses with esoteric acupuncture while being immersed in a crystal singing bowl sound bath, you will be guided on an inward journey that will harmonize your energetic centres and invite you to explore your inner landscapes.

Esoteric acupuncture is a unique approach to acupuncture designed to shift recipients into a finer level of conscious awareness. It allows you to connect more clearly with the source of who you are. Bring with you any curiosity, questions, intention or desire and explore the possibilities from an aligned and elevated inner state. 

Any participants who prefer not to receive needles can opt to receive acupressure touch as an alternative modality to acupuncture. 

Please dress in layers as it is common for body temperatures to drop when entering a state of deep meditation. Please wear comfortable pants that can be easily rolled up to your knees. Mats and props will be provided. 



Achieve deep restoration of mind, body and soul. Gain clarity and inspiration to move closer toward your brightest path.  


Lisa Chau


Lisa is an registered acupuncturist, physiotherapist and yoga teacher who has a special interest in the multidimensional aspects of wellness and healing. Specializing in esoteric acupuncture, her work invites you to dive in and explore your inner landscapes. Lisa is the founder of Vibrant Acupuncture and offers integrative healing sessions both in Toronto and abroad.